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Recent Stuff Yo!!

So I've just come to a conclusion...I don't update this thing as much I should, BUT, I guess I'll update this every now-and-then if I'm in the mood :P.

FC 2010

What can I say about FC other than it was a blast as always?  I can't believe it was my 3rd year going...I can still remember my 1st FC like it was yesterday!...wandering the halls all by myself and observing a furcon for the 1st time and my 3rd time around, I get to be apart of a "How to dance panel" with two awesome suiters JD Puppy & Theome, I have a wide variety of friends that make my con the best experience ever!  I thank all of my friends for always being there for me and making my life the way it is ;).

Sadly though, due to the new layout of the hotel (which I didn't mind at all keep in mind ;P), I didn't get to see everyone, let alone catch up and hang out with them like I do at every con I attend ><.  Thankfully, I did enjoy suiting majority of the con, especially since I don't get to suit everyday back at home :P.  Another thing I got to have a blast doing was the DANCE COMPETITION!!  Even though I didn't place and what not, I always have a fun time dancing my tail off on stage and representing for furries out there that WE CAN DANCE. As for the PARTIES!!  Even though there wasn't the epic balcony party that happened at the Double-Tree, there were a crap load of awesome parties happening, especially the one we held in our room!  Thanks to Syrus & Tsukaza, we hosted the most epic con party we ever could imagine!! (let alone the face that we had $1,000 worth of booze O.O)  1 Part of cons I always enjoy is partying with all my friends and being crazy adolescents and I definitely can't wait for  Califur and Anthrocon to rinse-and-repeat again!! ;D

Saturday & Sunday (Jan 29-30)

This recent Saturday and Sunday were a friggin' blast.  Saturday I just kinda lazied around during the day and when night came, I hitched a ride with Kendoro, Tsukaza, Razr and MarMar up to San Francisco for another awesome time at SageMane's.  As always, got to party it up and get messed up with everyone :P.

We ended up crashing at Sage's, so the next day after the party we hit up Japan Town to get some Japanese food and wander around a bit. We also hit up one of these REALLY Asian photobooths and tarded out while we were editing the pictures we took.   We showed Razr around the city a bit even though he was still partially drunk/hung over since it was his first time ever being in San Francisco.  Photobucket The last thing we did before we headed back home was go to the Golden Gate Bridge to the top of the mountain that overlooks the whole bay area.  As always, it was really relaxing and beautiful to go up there and clear my mind.

Coming Up!!

For the 1st time in my life, I'm going to do be doing something very special Valentines Day!! :D  My mate Howee is coming to my area for the all of Valentines Week so I'm more excited than ever and can't wait to see him again :)

So this concludes one of "Doryuu's Many Rare Journal Entries!"

19 going on 20

So...that day has come,  the day as an adolescent teenager has finally gone!!!  Well world...look out because I'm 1 more year away from being an adolescent adult!!! Bwahahaha XD<input ... ></input><input ... >
I'm so excited for tonight! Although I sadly lost my iPhone just the other day, I'm not going to let that get me down. Thankfully, Leo and Slash are hosting a huge BDay bash party at their place and one of the BDays they're celebrating is my 20th BDay, birthday cake and all :)

I've been told there's going to be 100 and counting people, bumpin music, random stuff, and ALCHY :D I get to see a bunch of people I haven't been able to see lately, as for faces I haven't seen in awhile due to my horrible money income so seeing some people should be awesome.

In other news, I'm SOOOOOOO looking forward to MFF in the upcoming 2 weeks, as well as for MODERN WARFARE 2 which is going to be EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC! (if you own a 360, get ur ass up and BUY it when it comes out *snickers*) Only thing that sucks is the 1 DAY I'm scheduled to work is the midnight release for Modern Warfare 2 >< At least its only until 2am ^^

Other than that, been working slowly on some of the commissions, hoping to finish 2-3 this upcoming week but we'll see how time manages. As for tonight, I'll make sure to post some pictures in my next entry to show how epic it is!!! I'M OUT, PEACE!!

I literally, just last night, lost my iPhone 3G 8gig by it falling out of my loose pockets unfortunately. I've found out by speaking with AT&T and Apple that as long as I have any model of iPhone, I can reconnect it to my computer and retrieve all the old files that are "Backed-Up".

On that note, if there is anyone out there, who by any chance, happens to have an "Old" iPhone model that is NOT IN USE, would you be willing to sell it or perhaps give it away? I understand this is a far-fetched question but I am in desperate need of one and can't afford an upgrade at the moment, sadly.

I don't mind or care about the current condition of the iPhone, all that matters is if I can get one. If you happen to have one and are or willing to sell it/give it away, PLEASE contact me as soon as you can by Email!!!

Thank you to anyone who took the time into reading this message, it means a lot to me.

Please Email: "pinoyoutlaw@hotmail.com" if you have phone to sell or give away.

Long time no post

just like many people out there, i havent posted anything in a LOOOOONG ass time, but imma start posting again :)



So fathers day was surprisingly pretty good! I got like no sleep at all, 3 hours to be exact but the weather was really nice outside and for some reason, instead of being in a irritable mood, i was pretty happy, ESPECIALLY since it was my parents I was with, lol. We went to the Cliffside House Restaraunt in San Francisco which is right next to Ocean Beach and literally on the cliff. It was such a beautiful view to see while having a nice good breakfast with my family and aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Me & My Sis Mysapce-ing it up :P

After, me and my family went to the mall in SF and then hit up Japan Town for a bit. After JT, went back to our home town but stopped at the local mall where we shopped for a few hours. Suprisingly, my parents LITERALLY never buy me anything that has no special benefits but bought me a badass Decepticon t-shirt from HotTopic to suit my nerdy Transformer needs XD.

Now its tuesday, and Transformers 2 is coming out in a few hours...IM SOOOO FRIGGIN EXCITED!! Going to the midnight release with my friends soon so yeah, I can't exaggerate how pumped I am for it!! Alrighty then, I'll post an update on how the movie was tomorrow, for now, I'M OUT!! Payce!

Friday & Saturday Craziness

Although losing my job hit me pretty hard, I've been positive and job hunting, maybe even possibly getting a job at BestBuy, I've been enjoying I guess what you could call a "Vacation".

Friday, woke up late as usual with plans for picking up Marlene & Synn, drive up to Rohnert Park to kick it with Crash & his mate Cody at a local meet then fur party up in San Fran. So after picking the two up and getting to R.P., we got a bite to eat and spent a good hour chilling at the bowling alley with some other furs.

Got to SageMane's place for the party around 10ish and had a blast. As usual, my homie wind dragon made me some of his "oh so fuckin awesome" drinks. After downing 2 1/2 cups, suited up and tarded out GShep style. Eventually, some people needed to make an alcohol run at the street corner in which I decided to walk down with them in suit just for the hell of it.

Once we got there, me and Mar started busting moves on the street corner and had a kickass time watching everyones reactions. As we were about to finish, a cop car rolled up and flashed its light on me and suprisingly, the cops got a kick out of my suit and said "That's not something you see here all the time" and sped off, lol. So I suited until about 4:30am then called it a night around 5ish.

Left the party at about 10ish then headed over to the Golden Gate Bridge to take some pictures then went to Synn's place, got a bite and took a 2 hour nap that was supposed to be about 30 min lol. Got back to Concord and chilled with my friend Mike for a bit then got home at around 7:30 and now IM EXHAUSTED XP.

Father's Day is tomorrow and I have to be out of the house at 7:30 to get to San Fran D:

Celebrity Collage

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

So yeah, everyones been doing these so I figured why not lol.


So yeah....I got laid off from my job and it really sucks.  The reason why?  Apparently, when I had a very bad flu the week before Califur, I was out for a good 4 days, even went to the doctors and got a note for my work, as well as the receipt for when I went in but sadly IT wasn't good enough.  I was even told by my managers how great of an employee I was, that I was #1 in the store out of 200 something employees for opening up credit cards, great customer service and surveys and they let me go.

*Sigh* Where did I go wrong for this?  It just bums me how being sick was unavoidable and now I paid the price for something I have no control over.  I've been told by a few people that I can apply for Unemployment so hopefully that plan goes through.  In the mean time, the best I can do is not dwell too much about it and try and move on.

Sick...*Cough Cough*

Yeah...Im here laying in bed with my dog all sick and stuff right now. My body feels all ache-ey and wut not so thankfully its nothing to bad. Just a little bummed since I didn't want to call in sick at work since I need all the hours I can get but stuff happens so whatever.

Since I've been home all day, just been sleeping, browsing and uploading pictures and also uploaded a video from when I first went suiting (More to come once I get more footage ;) ). Asides from that, Califur is creeping up and I still can't believe how sudden the decision was on me going. Not only that, im really excited about seeing some LA furs and Lucky again, gonna go shopping and party it up in LA hardcore :D.

Im gonna go back to sleep and rest up so I can get better again for Califur, oh and yeah, just had to get sick today on my Mom's Birthday lol.

Ch-ch-check it out! --->

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